Friday, June 19, 2009

91 Mobile Assistant for Android Released

91 Mobile Assistant is an excellent tool to manage the Mobile phones which run windows mobile, and iPhone.Now they have added support for Android as well. Its not one single application to manage all the three types of phones, but its separate application for each. I have tried 91 Mobile Assistant for iPhone earlier and its a awesome tool to manage the iPhone. I was using this application fully rather than iTunes for syncing media, contacts, to take backup of the entire phone. We can create custom ringtones just like that in 91 Mobile Assistant.


Feature list for the 0.9.0Beta1

Assistant 91 mobile phones For Android 0.9.0beta1 Feature List:
  • Contact management: convenience of mobile phones and the contact group to add, modify, delete, synchronize, such as basic operation. Quick Search by alphabet support contacts and filter the display by the first letter.
  • 2. SMS Management: support for browsing, delete, modify, search and other basic operations, as well as the SMS number will be added to the contact.
  • Call records: Support Category View, delete, export, search and other basic operations; to support the attribution of view, as well as the number added to the contact.
  • Schedule management: support for the agenda to add the phone, edit, modify the basic operation; supports a wide range of viewing modes.
  • Program Manager: Support software to install, uninstall; support from the station to download the software (to install) software to the phone; to be shown a list of installed software; automatic detection software updates
  • Image Management: to support the pictures to add, edit, modify, classification and other basic operations; support the form of a slide to view picture and support the export picture; and mobile phone pictures as wallpaper.
  • Media Management: support for the cell phone audio / video files to add, modify Tag information and cover images, to remove the basic operation; support for audio files is set to cell phone ring tones.
  • Wallpaper management: Support add, delete, custom wallpaper; resources from Station wallpaper download wallpaper; support PC client preview wallpaper effect; as well as wallpaper Export to PC.
  • E-book management: Support E-book to add, delete, read the basic operation of the local; embedded electronic resources and electronic journal resources stations stations, and mobile client "Panda reading" software seamless combination of PC management through e-books, not the cost of mobile traffic generated, but also more convenient to operate.
  • Alarm Management: to support the phone's alarm clock add, modify, delete, set up the basic operation of ring tones.
  • Bookmark Management: support for new mobile phone favorites, modify, delete and other basic operations; support and PC client browser favorites interoperability guide.
  • Ringtones management: support for a ringing tone, message tones, ring tones to make the add, delete, rename, export operation.
  • Document Management: Support for files and directories on the phone's basic management functions, operation with Windows-like file manager.
  • System settings: support to set the phone through the PC the relevant parameters.
  • Screenshots phone: support for real-time mobile phone screen screen and save the picture to the PC.
  • Write-off and restart the phone
  • Calls attribution to query tools
  • Multimedia converters
  • Photo Editor

Application has support for both Chinese and English languages, Please select the Language tab and choose English for English version(Default is Chinese  version). 

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