Monday, December 13, 2010

Android Market Client gets updated

Android Developer blog has announced a significant update to the Android Market client and will be rolled out in next two weeks for all the Android devices running Android version 1.6 and above.This new Market client introduces important features that improve merchandising of applications, streamline the browse-to-purchase experience, and make it easier for developers to distribute their applications.
                                           NewAndroidMarket_2    NewAndroidMarket_1
Here are the few highlights of the New Market client

New carousel on the home and category screens
Users can quickly flip through the carousel to view promoted applications and immediately go to the download page for the application they want.
New categories for Widgets and Live Wallpapers
Applications that include Widgets and Wallpapers will be automatically added to those new categories. Google will be adding more categories for popular applications and games in the weeks ahead
Easier Navigation for App details
To streamline the browse-to-purchase experience, users can now access all the information about an application on a single page without the need to navigate across different tabs. Also introducing application content rating to provide users with more information about applications they are interested in.
Refund Window reduced to 15 mins
Maximum size of App file will be 50MB

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