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5 Things you should know to buy a Smart Phone

With the continuous launch of Smart Phones and recent evolution of technologies, it become very tough to pick which smart phone to buy. Lot of people buy smart phones without having much data into the technologies involved. Here I have narrated few tips and guidelines in picking the right smart phones based on the technologies. Below are the 5 things everyone should know to buy a smart phone.
  1. Touch Screen Capability
  2. Processing Speed
  3. Camera
  4. Screen Size and other Hardware Capabilities
  5. Operating System

1. Touch Screen Capacitive or Resistive ?
One key factor with the latest Smart Phones is the type of the Touch Screen. There are two types of touch screens which are implemented in the recent smart phones, Capacitive and Resistive touch screens.
Resistive touchscreen itself is made up of several layers, the topmost of which flexes under your finger or stylus, and is pushed back onto a layer behind it. This effectively completes a circuit, telling the phone which part of the screen is being pressed.
Capacitive touchscreens don’t rely on pressure, but rather they use electrodes to sense the conductive properties of objects, such as your finger. So, they don’t rely on having an object pressing particularly hard on their surface, but will only react to certain objects. Prod one with a standard stylus and you’ll get nowhere.
Conclusion: If you are a guy who want to use your fingers for touch operations go with Capacitive Touch screens, and if you wish to go with Stylus go with Resistive touch screens. With the launch of iPhone  and Android Phones, they way smart phones are used changed drastically which makes us comfortable and easy going with our fingers itself. Better look for Capacitive Touch screen phones. Look at the small comparison below
Feature Capacitive Resistive
Easy to use with Fingers YES NO
Easy to use with Stylus NO YES
Multi Touch Support YES NO

2. Processing Speed
Processing Speed is another key factor in deciding a smart phone. Based on the 700-800MHz Clock speed will be good enough speed for any smart phones. Some low end smart phones comes with lower speed, make sure you pick your right choice. In recent days Snapdragon has launched 1GHz and 1.2GHz processor which are released on HTC HD2, HTC MyTouch 4G, Xperia Arc,  etc.
Conclusion: CPU speed of 700-800MHz should be good enough for normal operation, but if you need much more super phone, go for anything more than 1GHz. remember price goes up with the CPU speed.

3. Camera
Camera plays a vital role in todays social Networking environment. As everyone of us know that higher the pixel of the camera, higher the quality. But it doesn’t end there. Auto Focus and Flash support is something you need to look at.
Auto Focus

 A 5 MP camera without a Auto focus is not not good anyways than a 3MP camera with Auto focus. Yes Auto Focus is very important for a camera on the Smart Phone, Always go with a Smart Phone with Auto Focus. Moreover there are lot of apps in smart phones which uses Camera for its functionality. For example Barcode scanner, Google Goggles, Google Docs which changes your images into Word Docs via OCR. All these apps require Auto Focus for proper functioning.
Flash Camera
Camera with Flash is not much important as Autofocus, but its quite important if you are a freak out guy who goes for parties and functions. Its always photos taken with Flash are better than photos without flash.
Front facing Camera
Video Calling has emerged as the new and basic way of communication with the rapid growth of 3G and 4G networks. Even though your country doesn’t have adopted 3G/4G technologies today, its obvious that it will come into 3G and 4G network soon. So better go for a Smart phone with Front facing camera so that you can do Video calling with your loved ones.
HD Recording
HD recording is a must have feature or capability in this High Definition world. Any camera with more than 5MP and autofocus can can have HD recording. But its always to get it clarified with manufacturer and get a in built HD recording supported Smart Phone.
4. Screen Size and other Hardware Capabilities
Screen size need to chosen based on the user requirement. everyone has their own view of large screens and capability. But for a better accessing of Touch features its better to go for a minimum of 3.4 Inch touch screen phone.
In the Current era of Mobile world, Smart phones are slowly replacing the Laptops and PC usages. With the recent usage of different hardware such as Accelerometer, G-Sensor, Digital Compass, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, GPS/A-GPS, Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth 2.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI connectivity, Mobile Phones becomes your best companion. Make sure you pick the right configuration based on your needs.
5. Operating System
Choice of Operating system is again purely left to the user requirements, but some tips which can help to identify the OS.
a. If you need a Closed Environment you can go for iOS from Apple and Symbian for Nokia devices. But if you are more into Openness, and playing around with customs ROMS for your smart phones go for Android. Android is open source and highly customizable.
b. If you need a High Gaming Experience then you can go for iOS and Android (With high end devices). Even though Bada OS from Samsung and Symbian from Nokia has their own SDK released for developers, it didn’t get much traction when compared of iOS and Android. iPhone and Android Mobile phones has tons of games in their app store.
c. Music is also one of the inherent part of our life. If you are really a Music lover and don’t want to miss even small notes in the music score , go for iPhone. Nothing can beat iPhone and iDevice Music Quality. But you can also consider some Music Branded Android Phones. Sony Ericssion has also got very good review on Music world and now with series of Android Smart phones from Sony Ericssion Xperia phones you can also go for Android Phones.
d. Apps and Google. Google is another entity in the internet world which plays a vital role in our day to day activity. Though Google believes in Openness, and released almost all its Mobile Devices for all the OS types, not all features are available for everyone. Say for example Google Maps Navigation is only available for Android users, while maps is available for everyone. Like this there is a catch in all the apps. If you are a Google Fan, then go for Android Smart Phones

I hope this article will help you in finding a right choice of smart phone for you. Will try to provide detailed information on each technologies involved later in a new article. If you like the post please share with your friends and join our Social Cloud below.
Please leave your comments and Suggestions and experience on buying a Smart Phones.

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