Saturday, July 9, 2011

How To: Access Google Maps offline on Android Phone

With latest update to Google Maps to version 5.7.0 you will be able to download and store maps for offline access. Offline access of Google Maps is a much anticipated feature which is coming slowly from Google itself. Though Offline access is not mentioned as a feature in the specific version Google Maps v 5.7.0 can be enabled to have offline access.


Offline Access of Google Maps can be enabled under the Labs section. Once offline access is enabled you will be able to download Map titles for 10 miles from the point of location in the Map.

To Download the Google Maps titles for offline access, Long press a point/location in map, it will locate the address and show you options bubble. In the options bubble you will be able to download the maps titles for 10miles. You can download upto 10 locations. Best part is the downloaded maps can be used for Navigation as well.

Note: As of today offline access is only available for Android Phones.

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