Saturday, July 9, 2011

How To: Enable HD Video calling in Google+ Chat Client

Google+ is becoming the powerful Social Networking site competing with Facebook. Google+ has lot of cool features when compared to Facebook like Hangout (Group Video Calling), Circles, Huddles etc. Hangout is the much appreciated feature by most of the Google+ users because of the multiple user video calling. Along with Hangout you can also do chat and Video calling with the Google Contacts in a similar way in Gmail.
But what's hidden is the HD Video calling is possible on Google+ chat client against the chat client in Gmail. Yes HD Video calling option is not available in Gmail Chat options.
Steps to enable HD Video Calling in Google+ Chat Client

1. Select the Drop down menu in the Chat client on the Left side bar.
Google _Chat_Options

2. Select Settings in the Drop Down Menu and Enable the High Resolution Video option.

Google _HDVideoCall_Options

Look at the snapshot from Gmail Chat options, where HD Video options is not available.


To compete with Google+ recently Facebook has enabled Video calling support along with Skype and check out How to Enable Video calling in Facebook.

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