Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google’s Project Glass turns Sixth Sense into reality from Pranav Mistry

Google X announced today about their secret and ongoing Project Glass, which is more like a enhanced version of Sixth Sense from Pranav Mistry which created a lot more hype from people. Google Glass tries to add more intelligence into the goggles which can talk, and show relevant information on what objects you are seeing in a live fashion.

Google Glass is not just a concept , Google have put in place a real glass which works well and this secret project is revealed now so that they can get more inputs and feedback on improving the product. Today on a Google+ Page dedicated for Google Project Glass they have revealed about this secret project. They have put in place a nice video of how the final product should look like and teaser of what these Glass can really do for us.

Inside sources says that this wearable glass runs Android OS. This is not yet available for consumers, and Google didn’t reveal any plans to do so in near time. They will look for more feedback and conceptual improvements to this before they can think about bring it to the consumer market.

If you are not aware of Sixth Sense , please check out the video below on TED way long back, from Pranav Mistry from MIT.

Look at what Sixth Sense Demonstrated:

Look at what Google Glass Promises to deliver:

Its always good to have some of such innovations come as a real product, and that's what Google does with Google Glass, rather than Pranav Mistry's technology sit in the labs. What you guys think ? Leave your comments below.

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