Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Google Now on Windows 8 ? Download Enhanced Search

Google Now is now available for Windows 8 ?. Google has released Enhanced Search standalone app for Windows 8 with Voice Search.Earlier Google Now was released on iPhone and iPad when Apple removed Google as default search engine,now its on Windows 8.

Google has to come up with standalone apps for each platform as competitors are removing Google apps from their platform. Earlier Google Maps, Search are removed from iOS devices, now its Microsoft has removed support for Chrome and Google Search. Google has come up with standalone apps for Windows 8, which can be installed from Windows App Store.

Features of Google Search for Windows 8

  • Google search box with Voice Search
  • Image Search
  • Search Charm
  • Google Instant and Instant Preview Mode
  • Google Apps 

Google Search App for Windows 8, resembles the Google Now App for iPhone and iPad, and supports Voice Search, Google Apps supports, Enhanced Web, Image searches and instant previews. Google Search apps will be one stop solution for all your Google Services and Apps, yes you can access all the Google Services like Google+, Gmail, Calendar, Maps,YouTube all inside a single app.

Google Now, the Siri killer from Google is being expanded to multiple platforms and definitely Google is not going to let its Search hold drop in the internet world. Search is not a simple search anymore, it has been evolved much from the earlier days to what we are seeing as personal assistants like Siri and Google Now especially with the Smart Phone being evolved.

You can install Google Search app for Windows 8 from Windows Store

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