Monday, November 12, 2012

Google Plus Now Suggests to Complete your Profile

Google Plus, the second biggest Social Networking Platform after Facebook is asks you to complete your profile 100%. Google Plus has been improving rapidly with new features and enhancements and its adds more suggestion to complete your Profile now.

Google Plus was launched in 2011 to compete with Facebook, and has been listed as second popular search of 2011 according to Google Data on Web Searches. Google Plus has seen a rapid growth not only on the user base, but also on the features and enhancements to platforms. Google Plus was the first to launch with Multiple person Video Conferencing and Collaborating platform, Google Hangout.

Google Plus Profile Completion
Google Plus Profile Completion School Suggestion Google Plus Profile Completion School Suggestion SideBar

Now they have improved the suggestions to improve the Profile completion, say it recommends to add your School, based on your friends School.It shows up as popup when you login to Google Plus, also it suggests the same as sidebar in the profile page.

Google Plus has its Mobile App for Android and iPhone with Hangout and Instant Upload features. Instant upload feature for Mobile phone is really a awesome feature which automatically uploads your Mobile Photos to Google+ gallery to a private folder. You can share them later, based on your wish, no need to specifically upload photos one after the other just in the case of Facebook. One Lagging feature of Facebook Mobile app is uploading multiple photos to the Album.

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