Thursday, November 8, 2012

How To : Install Country restricted apps on your Android Mobile - No Rooting, No Hacking

Android Play Store has country specific Apps, which can be installed only on Android Mobiles which are in the specific Country. Lets say Google Play Movie is available only in US, and can bee installed only on the Android Mobiles which are in US. In this post we will how we can install such app on other countries where the app is not available.There is no hacking or rooting required to use this simple trick.
Android Play store on your Android Mobile will only list the apps specific to your Country, this applies for the web app also.Android Web Play Store has an option to push the apps to your Devices directly. We will be using this as trick to install the apps which are not supported on your country.

The trick is that the Android Play Store doesn't validate if your device is actually in the supported country and pushes the app to the Android Mobile Device. So all you need to do is get into the US Android Play Store on the web and push the app to your devices which will be listed on your account.

Check the Below Snap shots on how I have installed Google Play Movies on my Android Mobile, which is not supported in India. Note that still I cannot buy movies using this app, since the service is also not available in India. But you can install other apps like games, utility apps which you can use it 100% without any issues. Google Play Music is one such app, which can sync your Music with Cloud and Android Mobile, even though you cant purchase Music from Google Play Store

Install Android App From Play Web Store


This is a simple trick which will allow you to install apps which are restricted on your country. But the big question is how to do get to US Android Play Store on Web, if I visit simply to, it will still go to my Country Specific Web Store right ? Yes You are correct, but there are tons of way you can use Proxy servers to do that. Don't forget to subscribe to our Facebook Page or Google+ page to get such tips and tricks

Android Play Store and any website decides your location based on the IP address using which you are accessing the site.If you go the Play Store via a proxy server which is in US, then you are all set to go.We are not going discuss about how and what to use as proxy Server.You can search for "US proxy server for https" and find out.

But if you have your friends and relatives in other countries, say US in this case, you can achieve this easily with their help. Android Mobiles support multiple Google Account on Android Play Store as well.Create a dummy Google Account just for this purpose, and share the credential with your friend who is in US and ask them to login to Android Play Web Store and press the Install Button for you. Note that before doing that you need to login to the same account on your Android Mobile and accessed Play Store once, so that your device will be listed on the Web Store.

Let us know if this trick helped you to install your favorite app or game on your device which is not yet available in your Country. Please leave your comments below. 

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