Monday, November 12, 2012

Notion Ink's Next Tablet Adam 2 is getting reading for High Time

Notion Ink, the Company which hyped the Android Tablet World with its Adam Tablet, has now ready for the Next Generation of its Tablet Adam 2. Yes Adam 2 has been ready for high time and spec details started coming out from the Notion Ink Team itself on various ways. Adam 2 Tablet is going to have Texas Instruments OMAP4470 instead of Tegra Processor which First Generation of Adam tablet.

Adam Tablet was first teased in CES 2011, and was available for pre order in late 2011. Though Adam Tablet was the first Tablet from Android world which had exciting hardware spec which can compete with iPad, but Adam couldn't with stand the competition after big Players entered into the Android Tablet Market. But Notion Ink didn't go away, and now they are back with Adam 2, and the expectation has started rolling up as the first Adam Tablet.

Earlier we have reported details about Notion Ink planning some thing Big , and now the news started coming true on Next Generation Adam Tablet.Recently Notion Ink has twitted a blurred image of Adam 2 Tablet on Twitter and more information about the processor which is going to be used in Adam2, and Screen Size and resolution has be posted on the Notion Ink Newsletter.

Adam 2 is going to have OMAP4470 processor, which is supposed to be better than Tegra processors for multitasking and low power consumption according to Notion Ink. Earlier Adam Tablet had PixelQI Screen which is again a low power consuming touch screen. This makes it clear that Notion Ink wanted to have low power consumption for better Battery Life and Standby time without compromising the performance.

Screen Size of Adam 2 Tablet is again going to be 10.1", with 1280x800 resolution and 178 deg viewing angle. Below is the some more spec of Adam 2 Tablet.

  • Screen Size/ 10.1"
  • Viewing Angle/ 178°
  • Resolution/ 1280 x 800
  • Aspect Ratio/ 16:10
  • Brightness/ 400 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio 800:1

Based on the earlier data we can expect an announcement of Adam 2 Tablet in CES 2013, and a pre order in later 2013, as happened in the case of First Gen Adam Tablet. There is no official announcement from Notion Ink on this, but they have started rolling out information on Adam 2, which gives us a clue.
Let us know whats your thoughts on Adam 2 tablet? Would you buy one if its available on 2013.

Source: Notion Ink

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