Monday, November 5, 2012

Online Photo Management Tool Webshots becomes Smile

If you have the habit of maintaining photos online for a long time, then you should be aware of Webshots, a famous online photo storage site. It has a nice desktop application which does basic editing and sync with the  online storage seamlessly. Now Webshots is becoming Smile by Webshots, after the acquisition of Webshots by American Greetings.If you are Webshots user you need to take a backup of your photos before 1st Dec if you are not planning to use the service.
Webshots will become a new service as Smile by Webshots and your photos will be migrated to the new service by Dec 1st 2012, however if you don't want to continue the service with Webshots you need to download or export to other services like Picasa, Flickr before Dec 1st.

I am Webshots user for a long time, and today I got a email from Webshots about the changes. I have already migrated the service already to Smile. Though the email says you can do the migration by Dec 1st, you can login to the Smile with the link provided. First time when I logged in I didn't see any option to migrate. But all the photos are migrated automatically to the Smile Service.

Smile Webshots Import options
Smile looks like an integrated solution for your online Photo Storage, yes you can import photos from your Facebook , Flickr, Google+ and Instagram as well. It also has a Desktop Client with which you will be able to sync with your PC photos.

Other new features which are coming to Smile are
  • Importing Photos from your Social Cloud
  • Instant Photo Sharing in real time streams 
  • Screen Saver (This was available in Webshots Desktop app as well)
Note that Smile is a Subscription service and will be available for Free till the official Launch and you will get a 30 Day Trial service for free after that. Complete Pricing details are not yet revealed.

Are you a Webshots user or someone who is really interested in Integrated Photo Management ?? Do let us know your thoughts on Smile in the comments section.

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