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What is in the Cloud ?

Cloud Computing is the hot topic on the next generation on PC Computing, Mobile Computing and internet Giants.Every service and application is now available on the Cloud, so What is in the Cloud? for basic Internet user.In this post let us see some basic understanding of Cloud computing and services available for basic end user.
We will cover the following in this post
  • Basic Overview of Cloud Computing
  • How Cloud Applications helps to solve our basic Computing Needs
  • List of Available Cloud Applications
  • Advantage of using Cloud Applications
Basic Overview of Cloud Computing:
Before getting into the details of what is available for me on Cloud, lets understand some basic overview and evolution of Cloud Computing.With the evolution of Computers, we started using computers for everything from basic calculations, notes taking, accounting etc to complex algorithms and problem solving. Here we will discuss only from the basic user perspective, and will cover the Advanced users of Computing in a later post.

Basic operations which we regularly do using computers are Data Creation, Data Processing and Data Storage and we need specific application to be installed on your Computer to do these tasks.

Data Creation: Basic data Creation can be one of the following

  • Creating a word document
  • Working on a accounting application to track your balance sheet
  • Preparing a nice presentation for your meeting
  • Photo Editing

Word Application like Ms Office , Open Office or Accounting Software , Excel Sheet or Photo Editor , Photoshop are the applications which does these tasks for us and we need to either buy or download for free based on the product and install on the computer.

Data Processing: Once we create these data, we might need to do further processing of these data to represent them in the easily understandable format for Humans or other computing devices. This can be called as Data Processing, which will be done by the same application which create these data or it can be a different application.

Lets say you create a Word Doc, but wanted to make sure others don't edit it, then you need to convert it to a PDF file, which needs a a PDF converter or displaying your Monthly expense sheet created in Excel in a nice graphical format with Pie or Bar Chart.

Data Storage: Once the data is available in the required format, we need to store that in a storage device so that we can use in a later stage. Storage device can be your

  • Hard Disk on your Computer
  • External Drive
  • Pen Drive, etc...

When the above mentioned tasks are done on your local computer, it needs specific application to do the task, needs more storage as you continue to create more data. Also Power and computing capability of your Computer need to be regularly upgrade based on your need and requirements.

Cloud Computing does all these basic operations of  Data Computing for you and make you not worry about what application you need to use, buy and your computers computing power. Carrying out the basic computing operations Data Creating, Data Processing and Data Storage on the Internet is called as Cloud Computing and Computing power is consumed by the Cloud

Lets look What is in the Cloud to carry out these operations and how can a basic Internet user can make use of these Cloud Services to get the data Created, Processed and Stored in the Cloud. When we refer Cloud, its nothing but the high power Severs which are connected to the internet which can do all these operations to us, leaving us not to worry about much on the application and power required. Just get the work done and get going.

Cloud Applications: There are lot of Cloud Applications using which we can do the basic operations like creating a Word Doc, Accounting Sheet, Presentations,PDF creation, Photo Editing etc.

Big G of Internet is the leader in Cloud Apps with Google Drive which offers Docs, Presentations, Spread Sheets, Application Forms, Drawing . Other Providers like Microsoft, Zoho are some of the other providers for such Documentation applications.

Below are some of the Cloud Services which comes as Free as well as paid which we can make use of

Cloud Service 
Cloud Documentation 

Create Word Doc Accounting Sheet, Presentations, PDF creation, Application Forms, Drawing 
Create Word Doc Accounting Sheet, Presentations 
Create Word Doc Accounting Sheet, Presentations 
Cloud Music 

Record, Store, Play and Share Music 
Store , Play and Share Music 
FREE upto 10000 Songs 
Store, Purchase, Play Music 
FREE upto 250 Songs 
Photo Editing 

Upload, Basic Editing 
Advanced Editing, No Native Storing 
Cloud Storage 

Free 5GB 
Paid for More Storage 
Free 7GB 
Paid for More Storage 
Free 5GB 
Paid for More Storage 
Free 5GB 
Paid for More Storage  
Free 2GB 
Paid for More Storage   

Advantages of Cloud Applications:

With these Cloud Application, all you need is your web browser. You dont need to worry about what application to buy and install on your PC to get things done.

  • Access and Edit your Data Anywhere, Any Time
  • No Need for a High Computing PC
  • No Need to worry about the buying and installing applications
  • Your Data will be stored on Cloud with backup support - Need for your personal Storage.
  • Overall Cost Effective solution for Basic Users
These are some of the few Cloud Application which we have listed to get started for basic Internet user. Will have detailed post on each of the services and Applications available and how to user these Cloud Applications to have effective Cloud Managements for Advanced users in the coming posts.

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