Saturday, December 1, 2012

Instant upload comes to Facebook - Sync you Mobile Album Automatically with Facebook

Its been a mesh to upload photos to Facebook Album earlier, but not anymore. Now Facebook App for Android Mobiles and iPhone syncs you Mobile Photos to Facebook Account. This is an awesome feature borrowed from Google+.

Yes Google Plus is the first to introduce Instant upload of your Mobile Photos to a private album, Almost a Year after that Facebook has introduced this cool feature. Facebook App for Android and iPhone updated with Photo Sync, which syncs your Mobile Photos automatically to a Private Album.

Checkout some of the cool features or options in Facebook Instant Sync.

  • All or New Photos in your Mobile phone is synced to Facebook Album
  • Synced Photos are kept as private photos, till we share with someone.
  • You get a free storage of 2GB ( Note that Google+ doesn't have limitations if you have your photos has 2048 x 2048 pixels and less resolution)
  • You have option to sync your Photos only via Wifi or Cellular Network (As in Google+)

Facebook Photo Sync is not yet completely available for all users, it been rolled out as batches, you would get a notification in your Mobile app if you are lucky. Once you enable it , you can enjoy the Facebook Photo Sync.

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