Saturday, March 2, 2013

How To: Enable Best 3D settings for LG TV on YouTube 3D Videos

3D TVs are the next highlight of 2013 on Home Media entertainment and picking the right 3D settings on your TV and the content is what going to give you the right 3D experience on your 3D TV. Lets see what are the settings to enable on LG 3DTV to get the best 3D experience on 3D videos on You Tube.

3D content on You Tube ?? Are you wondering if you can watch 3D videos on You Tube with your 3D TVs ? Yes of course there are 3D content on You Tube you can watch on You Tube and here we will go over the best settings need to be enable on LG 3D Television to get the best experience.

First Lets enable the right settings on YouTube, once you pick the 3D Video you want to watch, you can confirm if the video is 3D enabled or not by checking the 3D button on the You Tube control bar

3D Settings on You Tube

1. Enable the 3D view by clicking the 3D button on the You Tube Video bar at the bottom.

2. Now select the Viewing Method, by pressing 3D Button (once again) and clicking "Change Viewing method"

3. Now select the "Side by Side" Method. Note that once you enable the "Side by Side"method You Tube video will be split into to two and you will see the same video side by side on the screen. This is normal.

4. Now put the video on the full screen mode and take your LG 3DTV remote on hand.

3D Settings on LG 3DTV

1. Press 3D button on the LG Tv remote and you will get multiple options of 3D Mode.

2. Select the same Split/ Side by Side Method on the TV menu options.

3. Press OK on the next screen and its recommended to sit 2 meters away from your 3DTV for best 3D experience.

4. Now your video will merge as one, put your 3D Glasses sit back and enjoy.

This settings is based on our experience with trying out various options on You Tube 3D videos and LG 3D TVs. You can try out other options if you wish , but trust me this is the settings which will give you best 3D experience on LG 3D TVs.

Hold On why are we repeatedly saying only LG 3D TVs , why not Sony or Samsung 3DTVs?? Yup settings might change for other TVs because ony LG has Passive 3D Technology and almost all other vendors uses Active 3D technology which is different from Passive ones. If you got a LG 3DTV with passive 3D /Cinema 3D these settings will work just like that.

Tips to get best 3D Experience on your 3D TV

1. Keep your room as dark as possible
2. Remove reflecting materials near/below the TV. You will not get good 3D experience if you light reflections from you TV video itself.
3. With LG's Passive 3D you dont need to sit straight to your TV, you can enjoy on the sides as well.
4. Test your settings with this 3D Video on You Tube.
5. Select the maximum resolution on the YouTube Video. 1080p resolution 3D videos give best 3D experience.

Do let us know if you are able to enjoy best 3D experience on your LG 3DTV with our recommended settings and tips. If you have more/better tips do let us know in comments section below. Share your 3D TV experience with us on the comments.

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