Saturday, March 2, 2013

How To: search for 3D Videos in YouTube

Got a 3DTV, but not sure how to view a 3D content for free ? YouTube has good amount of 3D Videos which you can view for free on 3D with your 3DTV. Its not straight forward to search for a 3D video with title search in YouTube. In this post we will explain a simple step to search for 3D videos on YouTube.

You dont get the 3D filter straight away on YouTube search button, so search for something first, lets say Movie. Now the results page will have a filter options which you can use to filter out only 3D videos available on YouTube.

Click on the Filters Pull down Menu and select 3D option under features. You will see 3D options just above the Live filter. With this 3D filter enabled you will see only the 3D videos on YouTube. Note that you need to have a 3D TV and 3D Glasses which came with the 3DTV to enjoy 3D experience on YouTube.

YouTube 3D Filter

You can also checkout the YouTube recommended 3D channels using YouTube 3D

YouTube supports multiple formats of 3D viewing methods, you need to choose the right settings on YouTube as well as your 3DTV to enjoy the best 3D experience. Checkout out tutorial on picking the Best 3D settings to watch on YouTube for the best 3D experience.

Let us know your 3D experience on the YouTube Videos in the comments section below.

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