Friday, April 19, 2013

Free Voip Calls and SMS/MMS on Facebook Messenger App

Facebook has updated its messenger app to make free Voip calls to your Facebook friends on Android Mobile. You can also send SMS/MMS using your Facebook messenger app on your Android Mobile. Voip call feature is currently available on US market.

Android Facebook messenger is becoming a full fledged messenger app and now with Voip and SMS/MMS support its becoming a complete communication Android app with your loved ones. Of course you can communicate with only the Facebook friends who already has Facebook messenger already installed on their Android Mobile.

You can make Voip calls using Wifi or 3G data, note that you may be charged for 3G data usage.

How to make a Free Voip Call on Android Facebook Messenger App

1. Go to a particular Contact
2. Click on the Info Button (Little i icon on the top right corner)
3. Click Free Call

How to enable SMS/MMS on Android Facebook Messenger App

1. Goto Messenger Settings
2. Goto SMS/MMS and enable the MMS/SMS option
3. Optionally you can make the Facebook Messenger app as the default messaging application on the Android Mobile.

You can download Facebook Messenger for Android from 

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