Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grow your 15GB Free Cloud Storage Space by Referring - Copy.com

Copy.com is the latest addition to the cloud Storage or Cloud Drive space, but there is a uniqueness with which copy.com trying to compete with Google Drive, Drop Box, Box etc. Better Desktop integration with Fast Local Network Syncing is the uniqueness in copy.com. Kind of Healthy Cloud Storage War has begun with the launch of copy.com

Apart from the wired naming copy everything else is amazing and competitive with current Cloud Storage Solutions. But you can actually do more with copy.com because it has a very nice integration with Desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Linux with seamless Sync.

Copy Cloud Storage

Windows Like Folder Sharing with Grouping
Yes you can sync all your files across multiple platforms with breeze, and the best part is that it has superior Desktop integration with Network Sharing. If you have used windows Sharing then you would love this sharing option in Copy.com . Yes you Can Right Click and Share any folder under your Master Folder and share with your Friends and Colleagues. You can can define group of people with whom you can share.

Fast Local Network Syncing
Most of the time your Desktop/Laptop and your Mobile phone, Tablet all are going to be in the same LAN network, so why should we use Internet to sync the files ?? It makes sense to do local Syncing and thats exactly you get with Copy.com You Local Network is used to sync between your devices if they are all in the same LAN Network.

Available Across almost all Platforms for Free
As of today this is the only Cloud Solution which is available in all kind of Platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android Mobiles, Tablets, iPhone and iPad

Fair Storage with 15GB Free and get upto 10s of Terabytes by referring your Friends
By Default you will get 15GB , and you will get a 5GB extra if you refer your friend, and the Best part here is  your friend will also get additional 5GB storage and actually there is no limitation on this referral bonus except the limited period Launch offer.

Auto Photo Syncing with Android
Copy.com App for Android has awesome Auto Sync feature, you can sync a minimum of 15GB of Photos from your Android Mobile phone to your Cloud Storage.

Upgrade Options

Personal Plans :
  • FREE Plan - 5GB Free
  • Pro 250 - 250GB for $9.99/month or $99/year
  • Pro 500 - 500GB for $14.99/month or $149/year
Company Plans:
  • 100GB at $399/year - no Per user fees
  • 250GB at $699/year -  no Per user fees
  • 500GB at $999/year - no Per user fees

Limited time Launch Offer - Gain More Storage with referrals for Personal Plans

Note that you need to signup and install copy.com app on one of the unique Device (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone) to complete the referral and get additional storage space.

If you use our referral Link you will straight away get 20GB instead of regular 15GB. You will get 15GB when you sign up and additional 5GB when you install one of the Copy App for Windows, Android etc etc.

Get going with copy.com and grow your Cloud Storage

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