Thursday, May 30, 2013 is a Dynamic Smart Home Launcher for Android

Home Launcher in Android makes the usability of the Smart Phone more fun , friendly and that's the highest flexibility and advantage of Android Smart Phones compared to iPhone. is making the Home Launcher experience more Fun, Social and Smart.You want to use an app without installing it on your Phone ? Try Home Launcher.

Android itself is Dynamic with different set of Home Launchers, and is making it much more dynamic based on the user mood. Yup it basically gives a nice home experience based on what you search on the Home Screen either by typing or by Voice. Look at some of the cool and unique features which we like from Home Launcher for Android Android Home Launcher

Dynamic Phone
You Android Phone becomes dynamics in term of look (Basically the wallpaper overlay) based on your interest of Search. Lets say you search for "Weather" it shows a list of apps related to weather searches. Remember its just a Home Launcher so it just lists the apps related to your search, but doesn't show the weather report. But what it does nice along with the app list is that it displays a background image related to your search, which makes your phone screen different every time you look at it.

Smart Folder
Smart Folder is nothing but a Folder with list of Apps just like in regular Android Home Launcher, but with a different and relevant background. Home Launcher comes with some pre loaded Smart Folders created on your Home like Social, Games, Local, Utilities etc

Web Apps
This is the most interesting and useful feature we love a lot from Home Launcher. Whats its all about is it lists bunch of App related to your search or Smart Folder along with the apps installed on your Android Mobile. These are all not Android Apps, but Web Apps/ Web Pages which can be directly used as Apps without actually installing them on your Phone.

How many times we look for some quick information or conversion or play a simple game like Solitaire but actually you don't want to install on you phone to save the phone memory or for something else ?? These are like throw away apps after single use, but we cant do that since Android Apps has to be installed or we don't know what Web App works fine for us. With you can do it on the go. It actually lists the best working web apps for you based on your search.

Say you want to do a quick unit conversion, Just search for "Unit Converter" on the Home Launcher, it lists bunch of  web apps which you can use without installing. When you click them its actually opened in a very very light weight browser which you don't notice at all Home Launcher for Android is currently available only for Android Mobile Phones and not for Tablet. Also its available only on USA, UK, Spain and Canada. Its currently in Beta and free to download from Google Play Store Android Home Launcher Play Store



If you really need to understand how much useful it is .. you need to install Home Launcher and play with it .. its Just an Awesome Home Launcher which we have seen so far. We are sure you are going to love it as well ... Leave your thoughts on the comments section below.

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