Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google I/O 2013: Google Now for Chrome Comes with hot word Support

If you are a follower of Google Products and specifically Google Glass, then you might know whats "hot word", yes its nothing but initiating a Google Search saying "Ok Google" or "Ok Glass". This awesome intuitive feature comes to Google Now for Chrome via Google Search. Just not hot word support Google Now for Chrome comes with more features like conversational Search.

Today on Google I/O 2013, more features has been added to Google Search as a whole and more specifically Google Now for Chrome. We already have Google Search for Windows 8 , then why one more variant of Google Search for Desktop users ? Is int the same functionality we are getting ?. Answer is YES if you are looking for Answers for your search queries and the Answer is NO if you look at how you initiate the search.

Yes "Google Now",  "Hot Word Search" are nothing but how you initiate the Search. Search results are all going to be the same either you typed the search query or Google Now anticipated your search or you asked Google Search using "Ok Google" Hot word to initiate the search.

Google Now has the relevant information which you might look forward. It just anticipates your search and gives you the data even before you search, and its mostly based on your personal searches and activities you have done in the past.

Upcoming update on Google Search for Chrome is going to bring the best of both the world, yes Google Now along with Hot Word. You don't need to touch your keyboard to search something on Google Chrome  and moreover its going to be Conversational search.

Conversational Search is yet another addition to Google Now, which will maintain the context of your previous Search and continue to get relevant data. Its Apple Siri which introduced Conversational search to the Smart world and after a long time Google is set to roll out similar feature to Google Now.

All these are not yet available on Google Now, and will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Leave your comments on how much you are excited about Siri Like Search on Google Now. Note that Google now already available on Android, iPhone & iPad, Windows 8

There has been tons of announcements made today on Google I/O 2013, stay tuned to get to know more information.

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