Friday, May 17, 2013

Google I/O 2013: Google Play Games Services to take on PlayStation and Xbox ??

Google has announced Play Games Services which will have unified and integrated Gaming experience  across Android Mobile, Tablet, iPhone, iPad and Web. Along with real time Multi player support Google setting up its first step to take on PlayStation and Xbox and other Gaming Consoles ?

Due to the recent announcement on Play Games Service on Google IO 2013, Google+ Games is shutting down. Google is really getting confused to materialize its products with a unique Goal ?? Thats how it looks like initially, but Google actually moulds them well later. This is not the first time Google shutting down a existing product to promote a similar or same service in a better way.

Google Play Games Service

This time with the introduction of Google Play Games Service, its trying to bring a unique experience across Web, Desktop, Smart Phones for the Games. Think about it like this, how many times you would have felt bad when you couldn't  continue the same level on Angry Birds on a Chrome App from where you have left on your Android Smart Phone or a iPhone ?? Google Play Games Service will exactly address this problem.

With Google Play Games Service you will get a unified Gaming Experience across your Smart Phone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad and Web. Eventually Google+ Games will come back with Google Play Games integration.

Google Play Games Service offers much more features as below

  • Leader Boards
  • Real-time Multi Player Gaming experience
  • Social Experience with Google+ Sign-in
  • Player Rewards and Achievements
  • Complete Cloud integration and Storage of Game Data
With Such a well thought design in place for Gaming, Does Google setting its First step to compete with Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox and much more Gaming Consoles ??

Absolutely yes in my view,  Why ? You don't need a separate Gaming Console with the latest powerful hardware spec with which the Smart Phones and Tables are coming. Multi Core high End Processors, better RAM, graphics driver, etc etc All you need is a integrated software infrastructure to provide the leader board and multi player gaming experience, and Google exactly doing the same.

Going to be a high time Gaming War with Google, Microsoft and Sony. what you do guys think ? Leave your thoughts and comments.

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