Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amazon Launched its Online Store in India -

Worlds biggest online retail store has opened its branch in India with Books & Movies ... Mobiles and Electronics coming Soon. With the partial open on FDI in India big retailers are coming to the worlds biggest consumer Market India.

Amazon has earlier started a Search Service for product catalog named as Junglee, but now it has started its own Online Store as Currently you cant find many items like regular Amazon Store, but has quite amount of Books, Digital Magazines etc ..

Best part for Indian Consumers is that it offers a 30 day return policy if they are defective or damaged items when you receive and has 7 Days return policy if you don't like the product which you have bought. Though the return days is just 7, unless in US and UK which is typically 15-45 days based on the product, its a welcome move for Indian Consumers.

As a limited time launch offer you will get free shipping with all the products. One thing which Amazon has to note down is some of the Local players already have 30 days return policy, Free shipping and cash on Delivery always like Jabong , FirstCry. These Players are specific to cloths, but Amazon will be hold all kinds of products in the future.

FDI in India opens up big time competition across retailers but Amazon will not stock and sell its own products because India's FDI regulations do not allow online multibrand retailers to sell their own products. Amazon has signed up 100 vendors across.and has set up a 1.5 lakh sqft fulfilment centre in Mumbai to service online orders. Any of the lakhs of retailers in India can hope to sign up with Amazon and sell their products online.

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