Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Buy Nexus 4 White with Free Bumper Case from Google Play Store

If you are a white phone lover , here is chance to get limited edition White Nexus 4 along with Free Mobile Case. After few days of availability of white Nexus 4 from Verizon, Google has opened up its Play Store with a nice deal of Free Mobile Case.

Unlike regular white phones which will be white in both the sides of the Phone, Nexus 4 is white only on the back. Front of White Nexus 4 is still black :) Should we call it as 50-50 Nexus 4 rather than a White/Black Nexus 4 ??

There is no difference in the Specification and Android version running on this phone, but all you get additional is the Free Case for the same price of Phone. Regular Bumper Case is $19.99 + Taxes + Shipping, all are free now. The Bumper case is completely white in color, and you don't have an option to choose a black one. (Who is going to use black case on a White (50-50) Phone )

Checkout the White Nexus 4 from Google Play Store 8GB for $299 and 16GB for $349

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