Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Augmented Reality comes to Google Glass - Brings closer to Sixth Sense

Augmented reality based apps on Google Glass opens up a huge opportunity for technology to help human to do tasks as simpler as possible.Also these technologies makes Google Glass to bring as close as Sixth Sense , a literal Sixth Sense ? or Pranav Misty's Sixth Sense ?.

Augmented reality is basically a technology which embeds your gadgets and technologies close to the real world in real time. Say for example if you are traveling on a place with different language and you see a traffic sign board in foreign language, how about Google Glass translates the board to your language without even you asking for it ?? Cool isnt it.

Augmented reality is nothing new to Android, there has been multiple Augmented reality Apps came out for Android Smart Phones, but bringing them into Google Glass is what makes us really exciting.
People from Open Glass Project is trying to make this happen on the Google Glass and in fact have a little demo on this. Checkout the video below.

We have earlier mentioned about Google Glass bringing Sixth Sense to reality, and its getting more closer with such developments going on for Google Glass. Sixth Sense is project started by MIT student Pranav Mistry years back on wearable Gadget which can See, Talk, and Compute/assist you and was later announced as Open Source Project by Pranav Mistry.

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