Thursday, July 11, 2013

How To: See your Google Now Research Card on you Desktop Browser

Google Now is more of a Smart Phone app which gives you info based on your location and topi of interest. While everything is mobile based, Research Topics is something which you may need to continue on the Desktop as well. Wanted to have Google Now as replacement for iGoogle ?Let us see how we can access out Google Now Research Topic Cards on Desktop in this Post.

Have you ever thought of seeing Google Now Cards on a Desktop ?? Google do allow to view your Research topic on your desktop as well , which makes sense to take up the topic and continue your search on the Desktop. Infact Research Topic card itself is a out come of your search queries on the web.

You can head on to to checkout your research topic Cards on Desktop Browser. It lists your search topics on the order from latest to oldest. Also it gives extended information on the specific Topic when you click on the specific topics. Its nicely categorized based on the topic say for example search topic on Nexus 4 is categorized as Reviews, Forums, Videos etc which makes sense to the specific topic.

Do we need to have other cards as well?? like Stocks, Weather etc ?? In my view yes of course today every web apps uses geo location to give relevant information based on the location. In Fact Google Now will be the best alternative for iGoogle and if Google opens up something like that , my default home page will be

We have tired accessing other cards via Desktop browser like , weather etc .. but none of them worked except Topics. Let us know your comments on Google Now on Desktop, do you need to have a Google Now on a Desktop??

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